Web Site Development


I am Rita Starceski and I create and maintain web sites for nonprofit groups. I can help you set up and establish a web presence. This can include written blogs


Software Experience


I am a software developer with over 15 years of experience. I have a BS Degree in Electrical Engineering. I have created many web sites and will often work pro bono to help you get started.



Please fee free to contact me with any questions.



Spinning Experience


I first learned to spin in 2012, on a drop spindle.  I have not looked back.  I love to spin.  I have won blue ribbons  and medallions at the Taos Wool Festival and other spinning competitions.    I  have been lucky enough to take classes with Jacey Boggs Faulkner, creator of PLY Magazine.  I have taken classes with Jeanine Glaves , Kathy Hattori, Deb Robson,  and Abby Franquemont .  My real joy is helping other people fall in love with spinning too.


Additional Fiber Arts Experience


I started knitting in 2011.   This turned into spinning and weaving.   As a beginner weaver I am constantly learning new things.       I have been fortunate to take classes from great weavers such as Tom Knisely, and Myra Chang-Thompson.